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Say it with a violin Part III

22 Oct

The Mutter factor

Don’t forget to check out more madness on Twitter: #crazyclassicalcovers

Say it with a violin Part II

22 Oct

Look at me!  

Don’t forget to check out more madness here: #crazyclassicalcovers

Say it with a violin Part I

20 Oct

Ahhhh…the world of the violin virtuoso with an exclusive recording contract. It has given us some awe inspiring, buttock clenching cover photos to enjoy! Don’t forget to look out for  #crazyclassicalcovers .

The instrument says it all

What a cover says

18 Oct

Many a doctoral thesis have been written on the semiotics of book and record covers. And for the last few days I have been paying my own homage to weird and wonderful designs that have graced covers of Orchestral and Operatic LPs on Twitter (look for #crazyclassicalcovers ) There are some truly wacky, what the hell where you thinking moments and more subtle allusions to the contents of the disc. While it is wonderful enjoying music in all it’s abstract complexity, we can not forget the cover that packaged the recording and sold it to us. The design emphasis is contastly changing, from graphic representations of the piece contained, to sober portraits of the composer, to glamorous shots of the singers or conductor, to image library images that fit the look of a series.

In a string of mini blogs I’ll try to share some of my favourite categories and some truly hilarious examples that elevate the art of sleeve design to another level or create true eyesores. I’ll tag them with crazyclassicalcovers for easy reference, enjoy the ride!

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