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9/11 NYC Memorial

9 Sep

I’m sure we are all inundated with information and memories from the awful events in New York in 2001. This morning the website for the memorial in New York has gone live and is moving beyond description. It puts this tragedy in a new light for me, focusing on the personal drama of the individuals that lost their lives on that day.

Well done to Michael Arad who designed the memorial and Local Projects that created the extremely well designed website/database. It allows us to unfold all those underlying relationships and stories. It is eloquent and timely. After all when we memorialise monumental events what we leave behind is the individual. Not this time.

The memorial website 

Story behind the making of the memorial and the structure of the names inscribed  

2006 interview with Michael Arad in NY Mag

An interesting article on the process and the complex set of requirements the memorial and rebuilt towers had to fulfill

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