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When tech terminology is subverted by marketing noise

18 Nov

The most prominent example is the usual silly mistake of separating the personal computing worlds into Mac and PC. A result of a series of disarmingly uncomplicated and rather unsophisticated adverts that Apple Inc brought out over a period of  three years.

Of course because they did not want to specifically mention Windows and possibly attracting legal action they just used the word PC as the byword. Thus they gave a whole generation the impression that a PC runs necessarily Windows, while their beloved Mac is something different. A totally facile and silly suggestion since the 2007 complete shift to Intel chips all of Apple’s Personal Computers (see PC) are just Wintel clones.

So please, non technologically minded people get it into your heads, that a Personal Computer is not determined by its operating system, but by its utility as a personal computing device. So a PC can run Linux, OS X, Windows. It surely may seem pedantic to keep on making this distinction, but it is the very basis of personal computing and it would be nice in 2011 people to show that they know what they’re talking about and not repeat what. Show some technological sophistication, please!

Of course Microsoft realising it was being beaten into a corner…had to respond and came up with the I’m a PC tagline…how bloody unfortunate. Looking forward to a campaign for Linux Red Hat 😉 Now go and look at this James Turrell project in Australia, will calm the situation down

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