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About last night’s concert / St John’s Smith Square – 18 January 2005

19 Jan

Here is the programme from last night’s concert:

Vivaldi – The four seasons, Op 8

Respinghi – Antiche Danze ed Arie

Tchaikovky – Souvenir de Florence, Op 70

London Strings

Richard Llewellyn, Conductor

Ruth Rogers, solo Violin

Always enjoy returning to St. John’s Smith Square in Westminster, if only to gaze at the serenely beautiful architecture.

Las night it was a lovely experience. The four seasons are always difficult to pay full attention to. Familiarity through over playing and advertising has “burnt” the work for me. But when I am made to listen to it live it always sound more exciting. Especially since I’ve got no access to the fast forward button! The violinist took liberties with the concluding part of the Autumn and  parts of Winter. For any music buff they would have been unbearable blemishes to a baroque gem. For me they were an affirmation of the flawed nature of all of us. They bring to life music since it becomes unpredictable and allows another level of interpretation.

Their Respighi was pretty indifferent, as most of his music is just cute sound effects, in my humble (not) opinion.

Souvenir de Florence was wonderfully bombastic. Rather fit to the specifics of the composition. originally orchestrated for a quartet, last night it was played by a full string orchestra. With truly unexpected results! They sheer deluge of sound was truly surprising. At the end of it all it’s a Russian composer trying to make “Italian flavoured” music, but finding it difficult to leave behind his Russian ways 😉 The orchestra brought that aspect to the fore. Clarified the discrepancy between the composer’s intentions and the work’s final direction. A very interesting point, made in the most graphic terms possible.

That’s all about last night…and a good chance to say once more thanks to Anna for the tickets!

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