I’m still alive and blogging

20 Nov

I have to admit in going through a time of reassessment. As I was tweaking the look of the site by simplifying graphics and making it a bit sharper, I started thinking who I blog for and why I do it.

Taking a small break made me both miss it but also have the time to lavish on other things. I do have a backlog of semi-written pieces that will eventually publish, admittedly long after the event. Have rarely been bothered about being terribly topical or to attend every opening night so I can write the first piece on the web. Being first  is not what motivates me…and I am surely not immodest enough to think that my musings are anyone’s essential reading.

But love to relay some of the joy of being present for interesting and even astounding performances. And holding the hope that someone may be inspired to go out there and buy some tickets, listen to the radio broadcast or even buy a recording.

In the last week I managed to put together three of curtain call videos which will fill the gap before the next proper post.

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