Twitter gets heavy-handed

19 Sep

twitter gagIf you have been following this blog or you are indeed a Twitter follower you must know by now that Mark Berry’s account aka @boulezian was suspended last night.

I contacted Mark this morning to ask what was happening and he confirmed that his account was suspended without any justification by Twitter. He did have a look through The Twitter Rules and he couldn’t genuinely find himself to have broken any of them and led to suspension.

I received no notification, let alone explanation, but when I returned home last night and tried to log in, received a message saying that I had been suspended. As it suggested, I dutifully looked through the list of rules, etc., and could find nothing that I might have come close to breaking.   There was a form I had to fill in to ‘contest’ the suspension; I have done so, but it was a little difficult, since I was supposed to say what I had done wrong! As yet, just silence in response.

Many of his followers have started a mini campaign to have him reinstated as it seems like a totally unfounded and unreasonable course of action by Twitter. Mark has been one of the most savvy and interesting commenters of the classical/operatic twitter universe and it is a great loss to the diversity and plurality of opinions. His critical thinking on his blog and forthright views are much cherished by the community.

Use our #FreeBoulezian hashtag to tweet @twitter to complain about this heavy-handed and unfair suspension. Hopefully his account will be reactivated very soon and sanity will prevail.

PS He has just been reinstated, which is great news, but will post this anyway.

2 Responses to “Twitter gets heavy-handed”

  1. Simon Morgan 19 September 2013 at 2:12 pm #

    I contacted the press department at Twitter to ask what was going on. They only responded AFTER Mark’s account was reinstated.
    But they still offered no explanation, referring me simply to @boulezian’s Tweet in which he said he had been told it was all a mistake.
    *Looks sceptical*.
    Still, welcome back, Mark.

    • George aka OperaCreep 19 September 2013 at 2:13 pm #

      How odd…but so glad it had a fairly swift resolution.

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