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The dreadful moment when you’re caught red handed

17 Nov

I was perusing Intermezzo’s blog and happen to see a picture posted by Iestyn Davies a few weeks back (12 October to be precise). It was presented as a story of sorts without the nous to credit where it came from. In my eyes it looked like blatant theft and done so casually.

When I alerted him to it, he gracefully laughed it off and offered a picture of the chocolate bar in his fridge. Of course the arrogance of Intermezzo did not allow for a proper correction…all the readers got was some fudged excuse about the Met’s publicity department and that the image was emailed in. Hmmm good try old lady but sometimes owning up to stealing content from Twitter should be more clear. Especially when my sources point to other examples when she appropriated similar content and presented them without credit as blog posts.

It may all sound rather dull of me to point the obvious, but going against blatant theft passed on as self-produced blogging content with very little fact checking  is important. Blogging may not aspire to be journalism but it still has to aspire to a certain moral standard. I would never even dream of using a third-party picture and not credit them directly, especially when the image becomes the main thrust for a bullshity article like the one by IM.

I am sorry to admit that when she was in trouble with Covent Garden’s management I did email their press office to defend her. A couple of years later I am disappointed to see such lack of decency and humility by a blogger I used to admire.

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