Hours on the misery end of this opera loving individual’s life

5 Jul

This morning is again the opening of another booking period for the Autumn/Winter performances at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. And once more the customary messy virtual queueing is the order of the day. I really can’t imagine any other box office transaction that is more frustrating, than being #2051 in a virtual queue. Can I recall a commercial transaction where I’m waiting for two hours in order to give another party £400? Most people would be puzzled by this and we should all take exception at the awful service the ROH box office is offering. For such an important venue we all have to expect the very best in casts, directors, conductors…and dare I say customer experience. Making people red in the face just to get four tickets is counter-productive and plain stupid. Apparently they hired extra developers for their site, but unfortunately any improvements made where not obvious once more. As the homepage was inaccessible for hours and then the dreaded holding pen for opera and ballet fans takes hold. Can I suggest maybe to have an open chat room where all the miserable souls queueing can at least have a chat about the upcoming season? Currently #1504 in the queue and counting…

In the End  

I managed to offload a serious amount of money to the ROH’s coffers…with the help of two colleagues that were monitoring my pc while I had to be away. At least I do have fabulous seats for both Il Trittico and La Sonnambula. Hopefully by late September I will have forgotten the anguish and pointless waiting about! The chance to see Eva-Maria Westbroek is not something to pass by.


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  1. Peter 5 July 2011 at 3:32 pm #

    It took me until 11 am to get the Placido tickets I was looking for. Fortunately for me, the slowness of this site meant that most people couldn’t acquire them before me. Fortunately, it only happens 3 times a year but explains why ROH don’t think it worth investing longer term.

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