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Daniel Barenboim, Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire

24 Jun

The last time I saw him live he was a civilian now he has an honorary knighthood! To be clear I do not begrudge the man his moment of glory he has earned it as much as Joan Collins (also pictured above)!

The order (of the British Empire) also comes up with an up to date motto: For God and the Empire, so it is as much embedded in a fantasy world as the stories of the  brothers Grimm.

Barenboim has done a lot as an ambassador for music and a force for good in the middle east, but I do wonder if he will have to be addressed as Daniel KBE from now on…a bit like Simon Rattle’s people who are apparently very insistent on the title being mentioned…at least he can have a good old cackle knowing that this exclusive club has Dame Shirley Bassey as the main cheerleader, surely a fun club to belong to if you are near or over 70.

Here the story as broken by BBC News

Hope you like the lovingly crafted graphic just above, no expense was spared while using PowerPoint.


There is a set of shots on Flickr taken during the ceremony in Berlin



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