Been to a flashmob…now welcome the flashclassicalgig*

8 Apr

Yesterday morning had a very interesting start to my day. Customarily scan my timeline on Twitter to see if I have missed anything overnight and have a giggle with the odd post/link.

Jessica Duchen broke the news about the performance marking the 60th anniversary of Daniel Barenboim’s first public performance with a free concert on the bridge of Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall (here’s Jessica’s blog: I was rather intrigued by it and quickly registered my details. It seemed like an interesting marriage of old and new, the flashmob mentality with the anniversary of classical music royalty.

To my great relief I managed to get a ticket, but to my surprise it was in singular indeed! Whoever though of that at Universal should really review the policy for next time round, concert going are inherently social occasions and I always share them with my partner. At this occasion it’s not going to happen and it sadden’s me.

I’m curious to see if there will be a large number of silver surfers there (the prevalent audience for classical concerts) or will it be an audience that’s younger less experienced and curious to see what the fuss is all about (the kind of audience Barenboim was targeting with this one off event according to a couple of interviews)

I will make sure I report back (and surely nothing as long as The Iliad, as that tends to be the malaise of blogs today), but I can imagine it will be a very interesting evening ahead. He may have gone too political and maybe rested for too long on the cushion afforded to him by his reputation, but I am all up to be surprised and to be enthralled. He has had an extraordinary career and this will be a celebration suitable for a performer of his caliber.

*(surely the worst coined term ever)

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