January Blues? Well it’s dark, dingy and there are no presents to be had

22 Jan


Well well, almost the end of the month and I bothered to write another blog 😉


After the foodie and financial excesses of Christmas it always feels like a terrible come down getting into January and thinking about the year ahead.

This year I have no idea what I should be planning, I’ll just let it roll.


I really find the idea of January New Year’s resolutions repulsive. Does anyone really hold on to those promises past 28th January? Aren’t just a way to delude ourselves that we are in control of our life and an act of self-hatred?

Possibly the whole idea of the New Year resolution must be an extraction of Christian ethics and rules that are especially formulated to combat desire and pleasure. What is the point in denying yourself a source of pleasure, really? (in line with all the self-flagellatory resolutions –not to eat this, not to smoke that etc-) Surely if you enjoy something what is the point of denying yourself that very pleasure and trying to be someone you are not?

Is it all about self-discipline of just a mind-fuck that we all put ourselves through in order to be seen as more “virtuous” by other people?


I hate all those trite social constructs that try to pigeonhole everyone and make our everyday life lack even more poetry and the unexpected. Why can’t we all think outside the social clichés this year and come up with a daily run of events that satisfy our needs and allow our imagination to fly?



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