What’s wrong with Mac users?

8 Nov

Oh I do wonder sometimes, whenever there is a silly IT issue in the office and the only person around is a habitual Mac user, all they do is scratch their head and call for help.

In a way Apple’s computers with no need for configuration has created a breed of computer users that have no knowledge of the working parts of their machines. Pretty much in the same way that modern cars being more reliable have removed the need for the driver to have any mechanical knowledge. But it surely must be different with computers! We use them all the time and quite a few of us run parts of our lives through them.

Some people will say that Apple’s operating system is marvelous and an exemplary piece of engineering but my criticism is that mac users are technologically unintelligent as they cannot think what happens beneath the pretty interface that Apple provides them with. And that essential reality is what creates those blind followers of the cult of the Mac. As they are far too insecure to look around they will just follow like sheep Apple’s latest OS update (Leopard where are you?) or run to buy the next available Apple gadget with an i prefix! Not considering what they are really buying, which most of the times is a pretty box that has limited expandability. In the real world some of Apple’s gadgets would not have a commercial future, but then the consumer is seduced by great design and sleek surfaces!

A quick rundown:

The iPod, iTunes music store downloads are of a very average quality and they have a very limited amount of times they can be transfered to devices…oh and guess what they only play on the iPod! They never had the now standard FM radio or recording functionality (well not without spending another £30 for the add on module)

The iMac, no possibility for upgrading components and if something goes wrong with the computer innards the whole thing is scrapped.

The iPhone, locked down to a network with a really expensive airtime contract on top of the dear purchase price in the first place! No decent camera (2 MP? Oh come on Apple this is supposed to be a powerhouse of a phone) and Bluetooth that is only functional with Apple’s own headset!

Any company that would have produced such second rate devices would have been attacked numerous times by its very customers, but somehow the cult that Apple lovers are following is depriving them of critical thoughts of their beloved brand. And queuing in the Apple Store the other week really put me in the centre of the cyclone that he cult is. All those ‘creative’ tossers buying the latest shiny Apple box to replace their 12 month old previous purchase where there buying their way to an Apple utopia, a world where computers look good and under perform and where music devices come with shoddy screens and second rate music playing capability. Still though I appreciate Apple’s design ethos I really do not like the stupid generation of technophobes it has created. At least the staff in the Regent Street Store were uber efficient and extremely pleasant.

2 Responses to “What’s wrong with Mac users?”

  1. Sarah 8 November 2007 at 4:28 pm #

    I can’t help but mention that most PC users haven’t got a clue what’s going on in their computers either… or how to sort out simple error messages.I do, however, agree with most of what you say about this.. its sorta like going to art school. most people are all image, and no substance.  …of course i’m still going to buy an ipod one day. I also can’t help but correct a few of your spelling mistakes… you foreigner! heheI think you mean innards instead of inertsand decent instead of descent

  2. Georgios 13 November 2007 at 3:02 pm #

    Sarah,I’ll fix those typos! I am so ashamed!;-)

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