Facebook? More like Idlebook/ Crapbook/ Dullbook/ Crackbook

25 Oct
Well well! Another invite to join the ranks of fools that have a Facebook profile.
Oh how much I hate those "I’ve added you as a friend on Facebook" automated messages!
I thought friendship was all about personal interaction and exchange of ideas. The very process that Facebook’s set-up negates.
Being in someone’s list of "friends" is almost like looking in the party but not actually being there.
How can an inane comment of the "I’m eating crisps" kind of league constitute of communication? Isn’t the very nature of meaningful communication that the broadcasted message is worthy of its broadcast? Who the hell cares if I am currently having a big bag of cracked pepper Kettle Chips?
When I asked a friend if he had moved to the new flat he was trying to buy in the last few months, all I got was an automated invite to join Facebook.
It’s exactly the kind of degradation of individuality in interpersonal communication that makes me so angry.
If he bothered to let me know with a persona email I may have been more understanding…but answering to my email with a standard invite to Facebook? That is the equivalent of taking the piss!
Oh when will people see that its is just a pointless exercise for arrogant self publicising morons

2 Responses to “Facebook? More like Idlebook/ Crapbook/ Dullbook/ Crackbook”

  1. josef 30 October 2007 at 5:51 am #

    Quite impressed by your photos of the Roy

  2. Nikoleta 5 November 2007 at 4:12 pm #

    Oh well! You can check out my facebook page:) To keep up to date with my life…Not that I devotely edit it every day..;)
    Look for Nikoleta E****s you know the surname
    Besitos y un ambrazo fuerte

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