iPhone hysteria here we go!

12 Oct


The general hysteria that accompanies a major, and rather delayed, Apple Corp launch has started.

O2 is the "lucky" network to pick it up in the UK. The iPhone will be launching on 9 November, rather handy for the critical Christmas sales.There’s a rather buzzy photographic coverage on Engadget of the press launch:
Launch event report on Engadget.It pretty much illustrates the kind of excitement an Apple launch can create even though it is essentially an already launched product in the US (and widely reported in the media and blogosphere)  

Especially when the iPhone is a rather crippled device that is locked down (impossible to run non apple approved applications) and non expandable (no memory card reader). Hopefully the European mobile users will be more savvy and realise that it is a device firmly rooted to past of mobile telecommunications…pretty much the area occupied by the US.

The US users are used to paying for their mobiles as they are used to paying for receiving text messages. Both are totally inconceivable in Europe, where the phones are heavily subsidised and the texts are free to receive.

Also there has been an advertising campaign by NOKIA around the US pointing out that their Symbian based mobiles are open to new applications and customisations by the usersreminding all those iPhone users that are locked down to an 18month contract and paid for a device that they cannot customise without putting more money in Apple’s pockets (e.g. ringtones through iTunes)

(picture from gadgetell.com)

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