A rainy morning in London Town

17 May
As I was waiting for the train this morning I noticed on my left-hand side a man wearing a bowler hat!
In the drizzly weather it reminded me of the Robert Frank photographs of late 50’s London, most of them taken in the City.
I had not realised that bowler hats are acceptable this day and age 😉
According to some of the attached links  they are acceptable in parts of France and Germany!
Well in London we are left with the post-chav remnants of the Burberry flat cap. Which surely can’t be good news for hat wearers!
Well talking about hats today it brought back to my mind Isabella Blow and the fact that she died last week.
I had the chance to see her a few years ago and was stricken by her attitude and that she appeared to be almost modelling the hat devoid of any expression…in the best catwalk tradition. And was intrigued what it must be like when you life is almost based on your sartorial choices. An attitude rather different to my everyday life. Still I enjoyed seeing her appear on magazine pages and websites, celebrating the little idiosynchrasies (or in her case outlandish hats that only she could just about get away with!) that make us all unique.
Fashion-crowd obituaries tend to emphasise the superficial nature of the business and trying to find qualities that are worth praising in a universal plateau
Isabella Blow

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