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A most bizarre and sad day / 7 July 2005

7 Jul
Working a public building while bombs are exploding around the city, is never easy.
We struggled to keep the gallery open as normal, while losing a wing and the two main entrances.
I’m proud that in the end we kept the building open till 4.30. It was very calm and very quiet in the building, the noise from the police cars speeding by disrupting the concentration.
Walking through the imposing classical columns of the sculpture gallery images of the wartime bombing of the building came to my mind. Back then 9 1/2 acres of glass were lying shattered on the floors, this time round the only thing shattered is our ease and confidence to move around London. We are reaching the same vicious circle again, like after Sep 11th, we will be looking around us looking for suspicious faces,etc
What the terrorists always aim for is isolating us from our cosmopolitan existence, making us feel uneasy while moving around the city.
Tomorrow I’ll be again on my way to work but at the back of my head it will be what happened today, 37 people blasted into pieces while making their way to their workplaces. A sad and disgusting thought but one that reminds us of how sort our life can be. A reminder to tell our loved ones how we are feeling everyday, as it may never be another chance to do that.
Life goes on but always affected by the trauma
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