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Surviving after Feb 14th

16 Feb

Gee, once more I found it difficult surviving around the pointless frivolity that is February 14th!

Am I the only person that finds it dreary and dull as hell?


Phew it’s gone for another year!



Ellen Ellen boring Ellen

8 Feb

Ah how interesting…everyone applauds Ellen MacArthur. Do we think twice about it?

She spent £1.3 million building her trimaran plus all the expenses for all the supplies. What for?                                                                                                                                Is she advancing scientific research?                                                 NO                                                                                                                                                                                                  Are we discovering new territories?                    NO                                                                                                                                     Is she racing against the clock for some silly world record? DEFINATELY                                                                                                                           

I am wondering if anyone is thinking about the extravagant spending involved in the project. For no beneficial outcome! Her sponsors have paid all this money to have their logo emblazoned on the boat and her name written in a book of world records. It’s such self indulgent toss!

Does anyone out there have a better use for one and a half million pounds? So next time it does not get wasted on her selfish aims.

We’ve got Red Nose day coming up and wonder if that money would have been better off donated to charity.

I get so irate when all those “Pioneers and Explorers” get media coverage for their endeavours. We do not need any “explorers” everything has been discovered on our planet. It’s all about publicity hungry people trying to get themselves noticed. It’s so bloody sad and pointless. And still wonder what do people get by reading those stories? I’ve climbed Everest and here’s what happened to us’` My reply would be…well I don’t care how it was like. I’d rather read something that engages with the world around us as we experience it every day. If I want refuge from the trivial nature of our society there I can go to a concert and get immersed in gorgeous music. Or visit a gallery and enjoy my favourite paintings.


Another start of another week

7 Feb


Only one viewing of my blog today…

clearly people don’t bother search blogs…they just go for the one’s that are daily updated.

Well, the big exhibition is opening in 2 days…the sense of impending panic is palpable 😉

Good week to everyone

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