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An interesting start to a new week

31 Jan

This morning, while I was waiting for the tram. A woman approached me and asked if the tram was calling her stop. It totally threw me, I barely uttered back some incomprehensible nonsense…something like…ah yeah…I think it does…it is the second stop.

I was just not expecting to be talked to. We’re all so well programmed to get into "tube mode" that we find it extraordinarily difficult to return to our normal ways. That woman got me out of my programmed state and made me interact.

After 10 mins another woman at the train station asked me if the train approaching was the Victoria service…I replied `yes it is` and again felt somehow that nobody had the right to disturb my quiet meditation with my music and the morning paper.

For most of us this is the only time we can unapologetically spend some time with ourselves and allow our thoughts to wander.

This morning I felt as if that right was somehow curtailed.


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