A Monday like any other?

10 Jan

On my day to work I was reading, like most days. Metro (freebie newspaper circulated at tube stations). Normally I’m reading all the frivolous garbage about silly celebrities (today on page 7)…but was stopped on my tracks by the story on page 5 I survived by leaving pregnant girl to die.

Started reading through and was totally taken aback by the contents of the article. It was about a 35yo Scottish man who was on holiday at the Phra Thong resort in Thailand. He was caught in the tsunami. The rising waters were engulfing him and suddenly he felt the hands of a pregnant woman weighing him down. His decision was to pry her hands of him and to reach for the surface. He was quoted saying: `I still can’t really think about what happened. For the first couple of days, it played heavily on my mind. But there wasn’t anything I could do`

Reading this article it made me feel disgusted that anyone can be so shameless to admit such an act. I’m getting worried that for all of us our lives are more important that anybody else’s. What happened to humanism and it’s ideals? If this person was living next doors to me. I’d be very worried and disgusted. What kind of person would commit such an act without even considering the other person? The poor woman was found dead a few days later. If I had commited this man’s act, I would find it very difficult to live with the guilt. I can not help but state how shocked I am by this incident.

It kind of proved in my head that this me me me society we live in, creates ruthless people that would easily kill someone else to survive.

In my view, his life was equally important to the poor woman. But clearly that is not the case in his head.

I am deeply saddened by the very fact those people live around us. Sharing the same buses trains and aeroplanes with the rest of us. Those awful people make me have faith that there are people out there that are the absolute opposite. That value life in all it’s manifestations and don’t put their personal benefit above all else. It does sound awfully sentimental but I really want those people to still exist. Otherwise we live in a world that’s morally bankrupt in every sense. And please, do not read morally as a religious reference. It’s a humanist statement. Morality as a way of life, not as a set of preconfigured behaviour. A statement of our deep respect for all life.


Good day to all of you



2 Responses to “A Monday like any other?”

  1. Unknown 12 January 2005 at 10:55 am #

    I was totally shocked by that guy’s story as well, I think the woman’s husband was found dead as well but imagine if any of her other family get to read that story! It seems to be one act of selfishness in a large amount of stories of sacrifice and bravery though, at least that’s the way the media have made it seem. I’m surprised the guy is even telling the story, maybe he got paid for it, he should be hiding away hermitlike and totally ashamed.Hope you saw Ning Nong the elephant on GMTV this morning and it has restored your faith in life. She saved a little girl’s life by pulling her out of the water, so even if the humans don’t always get it right we can always trust the elephants!

  2. Unknown 17 January 2005 at 3:17 pm #

    would’ve done the same thing sorry but if it had to be her or me……………………….

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