Talking about Talking about Wednesday

5 Jan

Well almost time for another break.

It’s lovely and quiet right now.

Can’t wait to leave though, feeling pretty tired and I can hear the call of the armchair!

All the situation with the 3 min silence today got me thinking.

How do we quantify loss and allocated the appropriate mins of silence to it?

For 6 milliion dead during the two World Wars we allocated 2 mins and for the victims in South east Asia 3min. Is there a formula to work out how we commemorate those unfortunate events.

Is the whole thing just an emotional outbreak. Or is this country just hooked on grief since Diana’s death?

Answers on a postcard!


Talking about Wednesday

Silence is over and so is most of my lunch.

Lots of people sending ridiculous web enquiries…asking us in no uncertain terms to do their coursework for them.

Hmmm I was never that cheeky at Uni.

And please people that write in those forms…could you please bother and improve on your syntax and spelling. It’ll vastly improve my working life



It’s a bit manic again especially with equipment giving me trouble!

Getting ready to observe 3 mins silence…

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