Last day of the year

31 Dec

Here we are the last day of the year…or at least that’s what the wide accepted notion of time is!

When did we start creating those thresholds that rule our lives?

Clearly necessity to organise our lives made it essential to make a year with months and days etc. Initially it was a way to create order out of chaos nowadays it creates chaos in our lives.

We have to shop by the 24th for our Xmas presents even though we know most of them will be half price a day later. We have to go to some shitty party to celebrate the New Year even though we’d rather be with our loved ones having a lovely meal.

Dates and how we artificially divide time have taken over our lives. We have to think about the start of every month and the end of every day.

It has become almost impossible to lead our lives with our own rules, ignore or sidetrack silly conventions like "The New Year".

Well,from my little bastion I will refuse to be dragged into all the madness and promise to go home and have a lovely drink with someone very special.

No silly wondering around London being around vomiting drunks.Struggling to view the fireworks pushing away some smelly person in front me. Trying to catch an overcrowded tube train to make it home 2 hours later. No! Thanks you very much 😉


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